Panel on Covering the Opioid Epidemic at WHYY

I'm getting excited to be a panelist Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016 on WHYY's Behavioral Health Journalism Workshop: Covering the Opiate Epidemic. I'll be on a panel with some other great journalists: Ben Allen, Jason Cherkis, and Stephen Stirling. Should be a great discussion about the stories we've covered and why and what lies ahead. This is a tragedy in slow motion - the opioid epidemic, that is - and we can't stop putting our lenses, microphones, and pens on the job.

I Can't Get To You

I just submitted my entry for KCRW's Independent Producer Project's 4th Annual Radio Race. You get a theme, and have 24 hours to turn a story - non fiction, 4 minutes or less - on that theme. The theme this year was "Out of range." And here's the story I sent in.

Regional Murrow and a Metcalf Award

Happy to say I've won a regional 2016 Edward R. Murrow award for my series "At the Crossroads: The Rise of Hepatitis C and the Fight to Stop It' and a 2016 Metcalf award from Rhode Island for Community & Justice for my series "Children in Crisis: Child Welfare in the Ocean State." 

Very humbled and honored!


Series on babies born dependent on opioids for NPR - complete!

You can find the series, for which I contributed a story called "Tiny Opioid Patients Need Help Easing Into Life," here:

We cover the difficult entry many babies have into the world, what it's like for moms who may have been in treatment - taking methadone - for their addiction, but still risk giving birth to a baby in withdrawal, and how the medical system is adapting to deal with the growing number of babies dependent on opioids.