Future Docs: Becoming a Doctor in a Changing Health Care Landscape

About Future Docs
Future Docs is a multi-part radio series set over the course of a school year. I follow two future doctors, Sarah Rapoport and Peter Kaminski, through their second year at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School.  Below, you can listen to the one-hour documentary version of this series. To listen to each individual story, visit my PRX page.

More about Future Docs
Why follow medical students around? Because health care as we know it is transforming. We’re moving from a doctor-centered, fee-for-service system to a more patient-centered, pay-for-quality way of doing things. Plus, we as a nation are transforming, too. We’re growing older and sicker, and scientific advances are emerging all the time to help prolong our lives. The bottom line: tomorrow’s doctors will need to know how to navigate a brand new world.

So I set out to learn how medical education is adapting through the eyes of these two future docs, Sarah and Peter.

The documentary
We meet Peter and Sarah in segment one .  Although lots has changed for med students these days, some traditions and experiences endure, as they show us. Then, we take a look at the ways in which medical school actually has changed, as schools like Brown University and others revamp their curricula to adapt to the changing world of health care. In segment two, we hear again from Sarah and Peter as they begin to explore specialties. And we pose the question, "Are we training enough new doctors?" In segment three , we examine how medical schools are adapting to our nation's new reality: a population that's older and sicker than ever. And we find out what new ethical challenges tomorrow's doctors will face. We wrap up with a final visit with Sarah and Peter, just as they're getting ready to head into their third year of medical school and the new and unfamiliar world of the hospital wards.